Meet Your Directors: Competitions Director



Describe Yourself:

Kaitlyn Fisher, from Minnesota,kaitlyn is a senior in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in materials. Last semester she studied abroad in Spain. This is her third year on the board. She will be working at Rockwell Collins, Iowa after she graduates. She loves cats.


What is your role in PSWE?

            Kaitlyn is the competition teams director for PSWE. She is a manager on the board for intramurals, team-tech, grand-prix, and homecoming. She ensures all the budgets are correct. She is also the co-chief for grand-prix.


What do you love most about your position?

            Competitions is very technical. She “likes bringing competition to other people”. It’s a lot of fun because it’s “relaxed and goofy”. She also loves working with the grand-prix team.


What events are you looking forward to?

            The machining event that is coming up the week before spring break is what she is most looking forward to. It is going to be really fun. She’s excited because “it’s different from any other event we’ve had”. Everyone will get to work with the machining tools that only mechanical engineers usually get to use.


Words of Advice: 

“Don’t takekaitlyn 2 it too seriously”


Kaitlyn wants everyone to come to the machining event during the week of March 9th 


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