Humans of SWE



“Growing up, my dad would always tell me that the “fun” part of engineering was learning how to think like an engineer. I did not understand what he was trying to tell me at the time but after three and a half years at Purdue, I can say he was right. Once you go start working towards getting an engineering degree, you develop a systematic way of thinking that I believe allows you to do anything you can imagine. You are constantly exposed to new challenges and opportunities that push you to discover skills you didn’t even know you had.”

-Yvanna Perez



Yvanna Perez is a senior in Industrial Engineering. She is involved with both the Society of Women Engineers and the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers; she is a member of the Diversity Engineering committee planning this year’s Trade Show.

Before this week’s meeting for the Trade Show, Yvanna was telling us about her Management class, where she is one of the few students who are engineering majors. During class discussion someone brought up that they didn’t understand why so many management positions are filled by engineers. These were Yvanna’s thoughts on the matter.


Written By: Karen Martinez, PSWE Professional Networking Director

This article is part of a series titled “Humans of SWE” that presents different members of SWE and the stories they have to share. Keep up to date on all additions to this series by reading more like this post.

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