6 Ways the SAB Can Make your Semester Easier


Newly launched within SWE, the SAB, which is also known as the Senior Advisory Board, is a group of girls from SWE who are here to help you make your life easier. Jakki Kielty currently leads it with members, Karen Martinez, myself(Anna Bukur), and Samantha Stephens. We will offer various services to those who need help when it comes to anything from trying to find a job to deciding on what major is the best choice for you.

Our first event will be in March! This includes a workshop that will help students become more acquainted with the companies who will be attending the Trade Show, while having the opportunity for the SAB to peer edit your resume, LinkedIn, and any other service that will help you feel more prepared for job searching.

Specifically the services the SAB provides include:

  1. Resume Reviewing

  2. Cover letter reviewing

  3. LinkedIn Review

  4. Informal Mentoring

  5. Mock Interviews

  6. Research Application


If you are ever feeling lost, stuck, or need some guidance throughout the semester, feel free to contact the SAB. As quoted by Jakki, “The senior advisor board should be a way for the experienced seniors to interact with general members’ to improve not only their professional skills but also their soft skills”.  Feel free to shoot us an email at pswe.sab@gmail.com for any resume reviewing, LinkedIn reviewing, advice, etc. No matter how difficult or confusing this semester turns out to be, the SAB is here to help!


Want to learn more? Check out this video! 


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