Senior Sleepover: Volunteer Now!

This semester’s Senior Sleepover will be led by a team of Meredith Shannon, Monica Rosenberg, and Bailey O’Malley. These ladies have been preparing to host an exciting and fun event for high school seniors to experience what it’s like to be an engineering student at Purdue. The event will begin Friday, February 20 and end the following Saturday morning.

During Senior Sleepover, each high school senior is paired with a hostess, a current Purdue student, to spend a weekend shadowing their classes and activities at Purdue. Senior Sleepover Chair, Meredith says that the event is an opportunity for us to share our “story of being an engineer and most importantly, a female in engineering. Being a young adult and being able to pass on the bit of knowledge you know is great and makes your realize how far you’ve actually come” (Interview Feb 2015). The event is also very rewarding for the high school seniors as well. Meredith tells us how the seniors are able to see “a more realistic light on engineering” to give a more “holistic outlook” on Purdue Engineering, and hopefully convince them to come to Purdue in the Fall (Interview Feb 2015).

Last semester, I participated in the Fall Senior Sleepover and am participating again this semester. As an out-of-state student, I was unable to participate while I was in high school, but have now found it extremely rewarding to volunteer as a hostess for the event. For the Fall Semester, I became good friends with my senior and genuinely believe I influenced her to continue to pursue her goal of becoming a woman in engineering, and I am hoping to do the same this semester.

There are several new activities planned for this semester.

  • Spring Senior Sleepover will have a “passport” theme where seniors will visit “destinations” across campus to meet SWE members and learn more about specific activities at Purdue, including Greek life, campus resources, and learning what SWE does.

  • The seniors will also attend their hostess’s classes to see first-hand what to expect as a student at Purdue.

  • After dinner in the Residence Halls, there will be an engineering activity hosted by Eastman Chemical, a new sponsor for the event.

  • To end the evening, there will be a student panel with a movie and craft night to wind down for the day.

  • The seniors will then spend the night with their hostess in the Purdue Residences to experience “dorm-life” as well.

I am looking forward to the event, as I am sure everyone else who is volunteering or attending the event! This will be a great way to get more interest for women in engineering and Purdue University through PSWE’s Outreach Committee.

Sign Up To Volunteer Today! 

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