Meet Your Directors: Outreach Director


Describe yourself:

Chloe Kauffman, from Detroit,Chloe is a senior in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Spanish. She is an undergrad TA for ECE 270. She has been a TA for three years because she “really loves working with people”. She has been a vegetarian for 14 years and has a coin collection.


What is your role in PSWE?

            Chloe Kauffman is the outreach director for PSWE. She oversees all communication in Purdue for outreach events. She is very hands-on with her chairs and enjoys being part of the team as well as the director. Every two weeks she gets together with her chairs and they plan events. She has created a great support system within the directorship that enables everyone within the directorship to work together seamlessly.


What do you love most about your position?

            She loves talking to high school students and “helping them navigate their future”. She also enjoys working with her chairs to plain fun events and enjoys “when it all comes together at the end”. She feels her position is very rewarding and the experience has been “really awesome”.


What events are you looking forward to?

            Girl scouts because PSWE didn’t have the event in the fall. The events will be February 14th and March 1st.  She is also looking forward to Senior Sleepover because the event is expanding.


Words of Advice:

“Never be afraid to ask questions about anything and speak up.”


Chloe would like to give a shout out to her chairs for chloe4
being fun to be around and making the events great!


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