Humans of SWE




When I was signing up for co-op interviews, the company I chose wasn’t one of my choices at all. When I went to the career fair, I went up to my PPA mentor and I said, “Ok, I’m done meeting with all the companies I’m going to interview with!” She told me to go talk to [the one I chose] because they were setting up interviews. They interviewed me in an hour. So, I had an interview with them, and I ended up going with them just because they had a really good reputation as a co-op employer. I had no idea what I was getting into. I hadn’t researched them, I wasn’t planning on interviewing with them, but I really like it; it worked out. And I like the company culture. I didn’t know what that meant before, but it’s really laid back, and I liked that.

-Alyssa LaRue

This article is part of a series titled “Humans of SWE” that presents different members of SWE and the stories they have to share. Keep up to date on all additions to this series by reading more like this post.

Author: samofwinterfell

I'm a 21 year old Chemical Engineer in training at Purdue, excited to be in Houston this Spring.

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