Girl Scout Day: Empowering Girls to Think Outside the Cookie Box

This Valentine’s Day, local Girl Scouts and volunteers will be sharing their love for engineering.

GS logo largeUnlike past years, PSWE will be hosting two events in one semester. The 14th is the first Girl Scout Day, with over 100 Brownies and Junior Girls Scouts attending. The second event, on March 1, will have about 60 Girl Scouts, in grades 6-8, taking part in the engineering activities.

Karen McCormick, this year’s Girl Scout Day chair and a girl scout herself for 13 years, has planned new and engaging engineering activities for both age groups. The Brownies and Juniors will become mechanical engineers – manufacturing catapults to launch marshmallows, electrical engineers – wiring circuits to light a bulb, and civil engineers – testing buoyancy of a boat. The older girls will have more technical activities, building their own flashlights with circuits and christmas light, working with the Purdue IGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) team on a biological activity, and learning how objects work by taking apart small appliances. This last activity is a favorite of Karen’s, as taking apart a toaster at a similar even in 4th grade inspired her to become an engineer. She hopes the Girl Scouts learn to “think about how things work and don’t just look at the surface.”


If you would like to be a part of Girl Scout Day as a volunteer, signup here:

Session A, Saturday 2/14

Session B, Sunday 3/1


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