Meet Our Team Tech Team

In 1992, SWE launched a new collegiate section competition sponsored by Boeing called “Team Tech”. The Team Tech competition emphasizes the importance of teamwork and interactions with industry in the engineering educational process. A team from every region gets sponsored to compete at the SWE Annual Conference in October in Nashville.

Team Tech is a new event to PSWE this year. Led by Jessica Place, a team of 9 girls are working with ADM to create a filtration system for a final product line to eliminate heavy metals such as nickel from the waste water.


I am thrilled to be in the position of putting together the first team PSWE has for Team Tech! We have a great team and partnership with ADM which gives me high hopes that we can make an lasting impression at competition in October

-Jessica Place, Team Tech Chair

The PSWE Team


Members Shown Above (L to R): Jennifer Claussen, Shannon Sremac, Lindsay Piispanen, Amy Cox, Melissa Roberts, Jennifer Purucker, and Jessica Place

Members Not Shown: Kitara Crain,  Sydney Worthington, and Cindy Karina

The Time Line

tt schedule


Author: samofwinterfell

I'm a 21 year old Chemical Engineer in training at Purdue, excited to be in Houston this Spring.

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