To the dearly black and gold audience,
Gobble Gobble!! Hopefully everyone had delightful Thanksgiving celebrations and refreshing holidays. However, classes resume and yet again so quickly, the time we all dread so much has arrived- the finals!!!!
But not to worry, be calm and hold on tight for just a teensy bit more, we are almost there! Here are some tips for you to prepare well for the exams/final submissions:

-Lay down the tasks and formulate your ‘game’ plan.

-Don’t procrastinate, manage your time wisely.

-Eat superfoods/antioxidants.

-Get enough sleep and avoid the disastrous ‘all-nighters’.

-Maximize practice-testing. Also review midterm tests, quizzes and homework solutions.

-Minimize distractions (phone, television etc.)

-Alternate study spots. PMU, hicks, residential study lounges, ITAP labs are just a few of the examples of students’ favorite study spots on our campus.

Lastly, never lose your cool! You’ve got this, girl.

PSWE wishes all members very good luck. :]


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