Cummins outreach program

What kid doesn’t like building with Legos? Let’s be honest, what SWE member doesn’t love building with Legos! This is why I was so excited to get the opportunity to be part of SWE’s TEAMS Outreach event sponsored by Cummins on October 30th. With the help of a team of Cummins engineers and a team of SWE volunteers, 10 kids got to learn more about engineering by building a replica of a Cummins engine out of Legos (all in standard Cummins red of course). All the kids were thrilled to be able to say that they built this part of the engine or attached this section to the finished piece and I know I had fun getting to talk to them and share in their excitement, even if my knowledge of engines was somewhat lacking. This thingumabob goes here, right? Check out the photos below to see the finished product and all our wonderful participants! Fun fact: the replica featured below is only 1/4th the size of the actual Cummins engine.

If you think this event sounds like something you would want to get involved in then come check out SWE TEAMS outreach programs. SWE TEAMS provides kids with the opportunity to explore engineering in ways that are hands-on, creative, and fun and volunteers with the opportunity to get involved and share their passion for engineering!Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.45.52 AMScreen Shot 2014-11-05 at 10.45.22 AM                  


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