60 years of PSWE

PSWE was founded on November 1, 1954. At the time the section had approximately twenty members and the president was Kathleen Fraylick. Since then Purdue’s SWE section has become one of the largest in the country. It has also become the oldest continuously chartered SWE section in the country. In these 60 years PSWE has accomplished so much as a part of SWE and as part of Purdue.

Purdue has been making its mark since its establishment. In was first notice in 1975 when PSWE won Best Regional Student Section (SWE Region H) and since has won more than 10 times. In 1979, PSWE won the Best National Student Section and placed 3rd in 2005. In 1974, PSWE was the first organization to enter a cart in Grand Prix with a full female crew and driver. Purdue’s best finish in the race has been 5th, which was accomplished twice, once in 1985 and again in 2011. PSWE has also had two alumnae serve as SWE national president. Basically PSWE is kind of a big deal and you’re a part of it! So raise your glasses, bring out the cake, and start singing because PSWE’s 60 years young and has a lot to celebrate.

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