Networking Lessons Hidden in Classic Rock Songs

Are you the kind of person who is motivated by music? There are so many ways music can teach us important lessons to help us grow as people and professionals in the workplace. Take a break from studying and rock on while picking up a few networking tips!

Listen to the full playlist here.

  1.  Don’t Stop Believin’/Journey – Networking is really important. Even if the benefits aren’t apparent at first, in the long run having a large network of contacts and supporters can help you find a job or continue developing your career. So don’t stop believing.
  2. Hit Me With Your Best Shot/Pat Benetar – Be prepared with your best elevator pitch for your abilities.Your best shot should be brief and highlight what makes you a good fit for the opportunities you seek.
  3. Bad Reputation/Joan Jett – Actually, you should care about your reputation. Don’t be the person who is texting during the keynote speaker or is being really unprofessional at a networking event. Representatives do notice.
  4. We Are the Champions/Queen – Give examples of times that you have been successful instead of just saying that you are a successful individual. If you’ve performed well in a team-setting, also highlight your teamwork skills.
  5. Life in the Fast Lane/The Eagles – Be brief. There are many people waiting to speak with the representatives you want to speak with as well.
  6. Just What I Needed/The Cars – When you give examples about your engineering expertise or experience, make sure you showcase how your skills fit in with the company’s mission or goals; show them how you’re just what they needed.
  7. Go Your Own Way/Fleetwood Mac – Differentiate yourself from the other students so that after the event recruiters remember who you are and what made you special.
  8. The Boys are Back in Town/Thin Lizzy – Even if nothing happens the first time, keep showing up again. Speaking to the same recruiters year after year helps build your connection.
  9. You Ain’t Seen Nothin Yet/Bachman-Turner Overdrive – Don’t sell yourself short, and make sure you are confident about your accomplishments.
  10. I Want You to Want Me/Cheap Trick – Remember that even though you are networking, first and foremost you are trying to build a connection and you don’t want to come across as only interested in finding a job or getting an interview. Companies will want you if you really give them a chance to get to know you, as both an engineer and as an individual.


Rock on, PSWE!

Article Written by Karen Martinez and Erin Suttles

Special thanks to all Professional Networking Groupies:

-Karen Martinez (

-Erin Suttles (

-Bailey O’Malley (

-Sarah Reaves (


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