Mission Success!

IMG_1674T-minus 3-2-1—Mission success! Purdue Space Day is an outreach program aimed at inspiring 3rd through 8th grade students with a love of STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). This year 650 students participated in the all day event held October 25th, assisted by current Purdue students. The day kicked off with a talk from astronaut and Purdue alumnae, Charlie Walker and continued with activities centered on the theme of the International Space Station. This was my first year participating in Purdue Space Day and as a group leader I got to interact with a wonderful group of kids. From successfully completing an egg drop, to getting dressed as an astronaut (for 3rd and 4th graders the secret is lots of duct tape), to launching our very own straw rockets the day was a blast! It was truly rewarding to see the kids getting into the projects and start formulating new ideas and then see those ideas put into action. Purdue Space Day is a great way to get involved whether you have a passion for working with kids, a love of science, or just want to express your creativity! To get more information on Purdue Space Day and check out some of the pictures from the event you can go to purduespaceday.com.




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