Grand Prix Season

It’s that time of year again for the SWE Grand Prix team to begin their journey to race day! On Tuesday, September 24, Lin Koop, the SWE Grand Prix 2013-2014 driver hosted a call out for anyone interested to find out a bit more about the opportunities Grand Prix has to offer. The team will begin meeting in the next week or two.

Grand Prix is a go-cart race here at Purdue where organizations and teams across campus compete. Becoming part of the SWE Grand Prix team is a great opportunity to work on team building skills, develop leadership, and participate in a competitive event. SWE is one of the few all-women teams to compete, so this is a great way to represent women in male-dominated environments. The team is sponsored by Corning, Inc. This opens opportunities for networking and building relationships with professionals. Anyone is welcome to join the team, no experience necessary!

The team meets at least once a week during weekdays, usually in at Earhart lobby from 7 to 9pm, as well as Sunday afternoons when needed. Competition day is at the end of April, typically a few weeks before finals begin. There are several levels of commitment to the team. You can either join as a general member; you can come whenever you’re schedule is open for you to come to help the team build the go-cart throughout the year. You can also apply to be a part of the Pit Crew or a Driver. A Pit Crew member is required to be at both qualifying and race day. During races, Pit Crew members attend to problems that may occur throughout the competition. They need to be knowledgeable in the mechanics of the go-cart, so this more of a commitment to attend most of the meetings and actively be involved with multiple parts of the go-cart. Applications for becoming a Driver are now open. This is the biggest commitment and the Driver should attend most all of the meetings and know how the go-cart works inside and out. Both the Driver and Pit Crew members need to attend mandatory practice sessions during the weeks leading up to competition.

If interested, please contact Lin Koop ( ) or Marissa Zon ( ). The team welcomes all new members and wants to provide an opportunity for SWE members to develop their teamwork skills.


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