Get to Know Cynthia Ramirez, Your Region SWE Future Leader (SWEFL)!

Check out this article from the Region H blog about Cynthia Ramirez, PSWE’s Membership Vitality director, a Region Collegiate Representative, and SWE Future Leader! Congrats Cynthia!

SWE Region H Blog

Cynthia Ramirez is a sophomore in MaterialsCynthia Ramirez 2 Science Engineering with a minor in English at Purdue University. She has been involved in PSWE since her freshman year. Cynthia was first the Social Chair, then became the SWEetie Sidekick Chair along with a TEAMS volunteer. She is going to be the Membership Vitality Director for the upcoming school year. She is also involved in the Women in Engineering Program as a Small Group Leader for the past year and as part of the Mentor & Mentee program. For the upcoming fiscal year, Cynthia will be the Region Collegiate Representative (RCR).

Why did you apply for Region H SWEFL?

I applied to be a SWE Future Leader because I wanted to learn more about SWE on the National and Regional level. I saw it as a great opportunity to get to meet SWE members from other collegiate sections and also create relationships…

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