Cheer on SWE Grand Prix on Saturday!


SWEPrix has qualified for the sprint races for Grand Prix.  Everyone should go watch us attempt to qualify for the main race!  A big thank you to Corning for sponsoring our kart for over 40 YEARS!!


Tickets are only $7 if you buy online here or $10 at the gate.  A FREE shuttle will be taking people to the track from 8am-5pm. Pick up/drop off locations are Stewart Center, Wiley Hall, and Ross-Ade parking lot.  Note, there is no parking available at the track.

Grand Prix Schedule

8:30 AM Pits, Track, and Grandstands Open to Public

9:30 AM Pits and Track Closed to Public

9:45 AM Odd Number Karts Practice

10:15 AM Even Number Karts Practice

10:45 AM Practice Ends

11:30 AM First Sprint Race

12:00 PM Second Sprint Race

12:30 PM Third Sprint Race

1:00 PM Tricycle Race

1:30 PM Purdue University All-American Twirling Team

1:40 PM Line Up Main Feature

2:00 PM Grand Marshal Introduction

2:10 PM Ambassador and Scholarship Recipient Introductions

2:15 PM Driver Introductions

2:20 PM Back Home Again In Indiana

2:22 PM Invocation

2:24 PM National Anthem

2:28 PM Drivers Start Your Engines


4:10 PM Victory Celebration in Victory Lane


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