Meet the Competitions Directorship!

Homecoming float
Note:  This profile is the sixth article in a series profiling the directorships within the PSWE Executive Board.

Meet the Directorship and Chairs!

Competitions Directorship
The competitions directorship poses during the fall retreat!

The competitions directorship provides PSWE members the opportunity to network, develop leadership skills, gain technical skills, and have fun through different activities that all revolve around competing. These activities include, homecoming, intramural sports, grand prix and team tech.

Who is in the Competition Directorship: Nicole Solitro (homecoming), Sam Stephens (Intramural Sports), Heidi Klotz (Grand Prix), and Jessica Place (Team Tech).

Meet the Director!

Chloe Heinen
Chloe is a senior in Materials Engineering.  As director, she helps the chairs plan events and gets PSWE excited about all our competitions teams!

Q:  Why did you join the PSWE executive board?
A:  To be a part of the planning involved in the variety of events that PSWE puts on, to develop my leadership skills, and to meet other female engineers.

Q:  What do you love the most about PSWE?
A:  There is always something going on within SWE and so many fun events to attend.

Q:  What compeitions teams event are you looking forward to most?
A:  The Grand Prix Race! Everyone should come support our team!

Here are some pictures of the fun events that competitions worked on throughout this year!


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