Meet the Professional Development and Professional Networking Directorships!

PD and PN Directorships
Note:  This profile is the fifth article in a series profiling the directorships within the PSWE Executive Board.

Meet the Professional Development Chairs!

Professional Development is in charge of two major events that occur in each semester of the school year, and also monthly company-sponsored events.

Day with Industry – Karen Martinez

The first major event, Day With Industry, occurs on the Sunday before Industrial Roundtable in September. The event has consistently brought in 15+ companies. The day consists of a networking lunch in the Union Ballroom with recruiters, followed by panel discussions hosted by the recruiters. The panel discussions are tailored to reflect professional development skills that students need for IR, and it allows for students to openly ask questions without the pressure of being one-on-one with a recruiter. A networking social occurs at the conclusion of the event.

Market Yourself – Aneeta Bapat
The second major event, Market Yourself, usually occurs during the week or two prior to EXPO (main Spring job fair). It is solely sponsored by Procter & Gamble, and P&G representatives attend a buffet lunch and host development breakout sessions following lunch. There is also a networking social at the conclusion of the event.
Corporate Relations – Si Hui Wong
This chair facilitates corporate-sponsored events that are “created” throughout the year. This means that no two years’ events are the same, which allows the Chair to continuously try, or repeat, events. This year we had some great ones – quite a variety! Some ones to highlight include: An etiquette dinner with Anthony Cawdron (he’s absolutely phenomenal); a MaryKay sponsored event where attendees learned how to apply professional makeup; a fashion show hosted by Halliburton; and a cooking demonstration in the Co-Rec hosted by Whirlpool.

Meet the Professional Networking Chairs!

The Professional Networking Directorship hosts events to promote the value of networking. Many students don’t initially see the value of developing relationships with professionals if they are not directly being asked for a resume. Our directorship tries to develop students’ professional communication abilities and confidence. We also connect diverse Purdue students to a large range of industries.

Networking Night – Julia Hom

Julia is in charge of Networking Night. Networking Night occurs the Monday night of the week of Industrial Table. Networking Night is a chance to meet company representatives in a casual setting. She is in charge of setting up mock interviews between students and company representatives and making the event flow smoothly. Julia is a senior in Chemical Engineering and a co-op student with SABIC.

Trade Show – Beata Strubel

Beata is in charge of running the first ever Corporate Engineering Trade Show. This event was co-sponsored by SWE, NSBE, MAES, SASE and SHPE. She is responsible for creating the overall vision of the Trade Show, communicating with companies and advertising. She worked very closely with our Conferences team to execute one of our largest events on campus. Beata is a sophomore in Chemical Engineering.

PD and PN Directorships
The Professional Development and Professional Networking Directorships at the Fall Callout.

Meet the Professional Development Director!

Allie Sexton

Allie is a senior in construction engineering management.

Q:  Why did you join the PSWE Executive Board?

A:  I joined the executive board my sophomore year here at Purdue, because I immediately identified SWE as an excellent way to get to know female engineers and to help me develop leadership skills. I had no real experience as a leader prior to joining the executive board, and I can definitely tell the difference in confidence and approaches to problems between freshman and senior year.

Q:  What Professional Development events are you looking forward to?

A:  am mostly looking forward to the new and exciting events hosted by Si! It should be a great end to my time with Purdue SWE.

Meet the Professional Networking Director!

Jakki Kielty 

The Professional Networking director assists the chairs however she is needed. In addition, the PN director is responsible for planning and hosing the annual SWE Awards Banquet. The PN director, like other directors in PSWE, is the link between the officers, directors and other chairs. She also communicates with company representatives that are interested in our events and works closely with Purdue Conferences to put on all directorship events. Jakki is a senior in Electrical Engineering and a co-op student with Duke Energy.

Q:  Why did you join the PSWE Executive Board?

A:  I joined the executive board to get more involved with PSWE and develop my leadership skills. Purdue Society of Women Engineers is a great group of professional and friendly women who are extremely determined and hard working. I am very glad to be a part of this organization for all of my years at Purdue, and serving three years on the executive board. I look forward to continuing on the board next year and attending more SWE events.

Q:  What do you love the most by about PSWE?

A:  I love all of the diversity of the SWE events we have. We definitely have something for everyone. We have technical teams, professional events, community service and outreach events and events that are just for meeting more women in engineering! Even if you do not know anyone going to the event, the attendees are always very welcoming and are always willing to chat with new people.

Q:  What are you looking forward to the most in your directorship?

A:  We had a very successful first run of the Trade Show this year and are looking forward for its return next year. I would like to say thanks to all of our volunteers and company sponsors for making this event possible!


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