March Grand Prix Update!

Hey there SWEeple!

So March is on it’s way out, but that just means that Grand Prix season is on its way in!

Earlier this month, we had Inspections! Inspections are required for each go kart that wants to compete in the race. They insure that no one gets hurts and everyone is playing by the rules. Makes sense!
They checked to make sure all our safety equipment was good:
√ Fire extinguisher
√ Driver suit
√ Gloves
√ Helmet
Then we had to prove to them that the kart actually worked:
√Roll the cart around with Marissa in it (our driver)
√ use the brakes
√make sure the driver + the cart weighed a minimum of 350lbs.
√show that it starts and runs

The only things we had to change were:

_ safety wire a few bolts
_ raise the roll cage to a 4’’ clearance over the driver’s head
_lengthen the shoulder seat belt straps

So overall a great and very smooth inspection!
Then, Friday, March 29th we drilled anchors into our new trailer so that when we transport the Kart it doesn’t fly out the back. Which would be quite a scene….

Anyways, here are some pictures for your optical enjoyment!

Until next time,




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