PSWE E-Week Dance

The purpose of National Engineers Week, or E-Week, is to call attention to the contributions that engineers across the country make towards society. This time is also to emphasize the importance of learning math, science and technical skills when in school.  Observed by more than 70 engineering education and cultural societies and 50 corporations and government agencies, E-Week is observed during the third full week of February.  In its 63rd year of celebration, E-Week was recognized by the Purdue community February 17th to February 23rd. Many different organizations participated in E-Week  on Purdue’s campus. This year SWE partnered with AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers) and the Glee Club to organize a dance on Friday, February 21st.

Each year, National Engineers Week chooses an over-arching theme to set the tone for the week. This year was Discover Engineering, set to explore the different aspects that come with being an engineer and supporting engineers. Purdue SWE chose their own theme to collaborate with E-Week, as Discover Atlantis. Discover Atlantis was meant to show the mystery that can surround the future of engineering and all has yet to be discovered.

Over 80 people attended the dance, at Fellowship Hall in University Church, the first SWE has organized in many years. Atlantis themed decorations hung throughout the hall and on the tables around the hall.  One aspect of the dance that explored the creative aspects of engineering was a Dreamscape. A Dreamscape consists of a drawing that is the frame for the theme, and other pictures can be drawn in and around the layout of the picture. Look in the pictures below to see the before and after of the Dreamscape.

In collaboration with AIChE and the Glee Club, there many exciting aspects of the dance that appealed to all. AIChE sponsored a photo booth with different props for attendees to use in their pictures. Glee Club members performed a set during the dance, including “Sold” originally by John Michael Montgomery.  One main focal point that appealed to all was the chocolate fountain, which contained a mixture of dark chocolate and Andes mint chocolate.  This was used as the center piece for the food available, fondue available with small sandwiches and snacks.

Look out next year for PSWE’s E-Week event!


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