Region H Conference Recap

A group of brave PSWE members, including this blogger, traveled over 10 hours to frigid Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI for the annual Region H conference.  Here’s some stories that resulted from the weekend of professional development, networking, and fun! Next year’s Region H conference will be at Notre Dame…hope you can join us then!

Tips from some of the Presentations:

“Making Powerful Presentations” with Marie Cleveland:

  • A laser pointer is the kiss of death for you
  • If you’re not having fun doing it, change what you are doing!

“Set a goal, make a plan, get to work, stick to it, make it happen” with Kim Groshek

  • When someone asks you to get something done, don’t check your schedule, check your goals

“Work, Life, Career Balance” with Marie Guillot

  • Don’t just conform to social expectations; do what’s right for you
  • Work-life balance is up to you, take responsibility for the life you want to live

Personal Stories:

“My favorite part of the conference was the keynote speaker at breakfast, our very own IAB member Patti Poppe! She gave some great advice about navigating through life, including: be open to opportunity, be brave, and choose the things you love.” -Ashley Stroup

“Attending the Region H Conference is always an opportunity not worth missing! This year, as the logistics coordinator, I was able to see ‘behind the scene’ of preparing  our members and getting everyone safely to Michigan Tech. The snow and cold did not dampen our spirits, instead we made an adventure out of it. I was beyond pleased to see everyone coming together to make friends, learn more about SWE, and develop professional skills. For anyone who did not attend, be sure to look for the application next fall!” -Danica Wylin

“The bus ride there was a bit of a bumpy adventure (literally) but didn’t stop me from catching up on some sleep. The conference was a great opportunity to see how SWE runs on a regional level and understand how SWE drives to meet its strategic goals in professional excellence, globalization, and advocacy. Also I felt pretty lucky being able to listen to some wise words from several successful women on relationships with your career and making a goal then sticking to it. I had tons of fun getting to know my fellow PSWErs more personally and working together to solve some tricky riddles on the bus ride home. Overall the experience was a blast and am looking forward to going next year!” -Julia Hom

“I really enjoyed going to Regionals because I was able to learn more about how Region H functions. I was able to meet a ton of people from within our Region that I would not have been able to meet otherwise. I’ve been to Nationals before where I see SWE as a whole on a large scale, but Regionals allows you to see Region H on a smaller scale. I was also able to improve my leadership and professional networking skills. I am thrilled I was able to attend this amazing trip.” -Cynthia Ramirez


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