How to Get the Most Out of the Corporate Engineering Trade Show

Corporate Engineering Trade Show

The Purdue University Corporate Engineering Trade Show will occur on Friday, March 7. This new event was designed to enable you to informally network with employers to prepare for the fall job fairs and to increase your knowledge and awareness of post-graduation engineering opportunities.  The companies will be showcasing products and services they provide, providing information about their company culture and opportunities, and networking in preparation for the next hiring cycle. Check out the Corporate Engineering Trade Show website for more information about the event.

I recently spoke with Beata Strubel, PSWE’s Trade Show Chair, about how you can get the most out of the trade show.

Q:  Why should I attend the trade show?

A:  The trade show is a great opportunity to learn more about companies and the roles that an engineer with fill in them. It also will provide an informal networking opportunity with company representatives, which is always helpful when searching for jobs in the future.  It is primarily an educational event.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  The trade show is much more casual than a traditional job fair.  You should feel comfortable stopping by between classes in casual clothing.

Q:  What will I do at the trade show?

A:  It should be easy for you to just stop by one of the engineering atriums (Armstrong, MSEE, Lawson, or Forney) between classes to check out the displays and talk to the representatives.  Many of the displays will be interactive and hands-on.

Q:  What’s the best way to prepare? 

A:  Come to the trade show with specific questions about what engineers do at the companies you visit.  This will be the best way to interact with representatives and learn more about post-graduation opportunities for engineering majors.

Q:  What companies are attending the trade show?

A:  The following companies will be attending the trade show:

Consumers Energy
HNTB Corporation
Air Liquide
General Electric
Illinois Dept of Transportation
Navy Recruiting District, Michigan
Evonik Industries
The Aerospace Corporation
Alcoa, Inc. – visual examples of their processes through video and manual models
BP Pipelines
United Technologies Research Center
Boeing – bringing Boeing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs/Drones)
Corning Incorporated – Day Made of Glass video, optical cables
Caterpillar, Inc

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