PSWE Intramural Soccer

PSWE Indoor Soccer

Last semester, PSWE had an amazing intramurals season with PSWE winning the championship for handball on November 3rd, 2013. Team Handball is where seven players on each team pass a ball to throw it into the goal of the other team. A cross between soccer and basketball, it is a very athletic fast-paced game. In all 12 members of SWE joined the handball team and overall had a great experience. Chloe Heinen, a senior in Materials Engineering, had this to say about the inaugural SWE handball season. “Until our first game, no one on the team had played team handball before or really even knew the rules. It was so awesome to see everyone be able to learn how to play, work together as a team and become the champions all at once!”

This season, Purdue SWE is in full force in indoor soccer as they enter their second playoff game with a 2-1 regular season record, and a win in the first playoff game on Tuesday, February 18th. Samantha Stephens, a sophomore in Chemical Engineering, is PSWE’s fearless captain this semester and also the PSWE Intramurals Chair. “Being captain of the SWE team has given me the opportunity to interact with so many great girls on a non-academic level.”

Kitara Crain, a sophomore in Electrical Engineering, had this to say about being on the PSWE soccer team. “I love being a part of the SWE team because I get to interact with some amazing girls.” Julie Meyerson, a junior in Mechanical Engineering, one of the leading scorers for PSWE and also one-time MVP, reflected on being chosen as MVP for the February 18th playoff game. “Being on the team is a great way for me to hang out with and meet SWE members and enjoy a physical activity. I’m excited to accept this title and I had a lot of fun playing soccer with such a great group of talented ladies.”

On the way to the quarterfinals, Purdue SWE is looking forward to getting to the finals next week. With such great spirit and teamwork being evolved on the team, it looks like Purdue SWE is in the perfect spot to clinch their 2nd intramurals championship for the school year. Sam Stephens had this to say about her reflection of the whole team, “When a girl who tells me she’s not the greatest at the sport can score and play and compete it just goes to show that anyone who wants to be involved can play and have an amazing experience.” Look out for PSWE to have another great season and come out strong for spring intramurals.

PSWE Indoor Soccer


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