PSWE Wants YOU to Join the Executive Board!

We want YOU to join the PSWE Executive Board from

Are you passionate about engineering?  Do you love attending SWE events?  Are you eager to get more involved in SWE? Or do you just want to learn more about how Purdue students just like you run one of the largest organizations on campus?

If you answered yes, come to the leadership callout on Wednesday, February 19 at 6 pm in ARMS B061 to discover how to join the Purdue Society of Women Engineers Executive Board!  This informal meeting will provide information on the positions available, the interview process, and will give you a chance to talk to current executive board members about positions that interest you.  We’ll even be serving a free dinner!

The executive board is a great way to learn more about SWE, meet some amazing people, and design events and programs that promote and support women in STEM fields.  All the positions also deliver many opportunities to practice leadership, professional communication, and organization; great items to add to your resume. But above all else, being an executive board member is FUN!

Below are all the chair, director, and officer positions available next year, along with the name of the person who currently holds this position (if applicable).  Check the list out beforehand so you can talk to everyone you’re interested in at the callout. If you have any questions, please comment on this post 🙂

To apply, visit, sign in and request to become a member of Society of Women Engineers (SWE).  Once you are approved as a member, you will be able to access the forms section on the organization website where the chair, director, and officer petitions are housed.

Chair Position Descriptions ’14 – ‘15

(Note: Time commitments are estimates and do not include mandatory meetings.)


Team Tech Competition Chair (~4 hrs/week) (Jessica Place)

The Team Tech competition is organized through National SWE and sponsored by Boeing. It involves working with a company on a project that provides hands-on engineering experience for our team, is applicable to multiple engineering disciplines, and provides a positive return for the company. Next year will be PSWE’s first time participating in this competition. The Team Tech chair will need to maintain communication with our company sponsor, plan meetings to work on the project, and keep the team on schedule to meet submission deadlines. The chair will also generate interest and awareness about the competition throughout PSWE, in order to recruit members for the team and provide them with PSWE support.

Grand Prix Chair (~5 hrs/week) (Heidi Klotz)

The Grand Prix Chair oversees the building of the PSWE racing team’s kart and attends the Grand Prix race in the late spring. The chair will work closely with the pit crew chief, and together they will select the pit crew members consisting of a driver, crew chief, track worker, and four crew members. The chair must attend as many build meetings as possible, oversee the Grand Prix budget, and maintain contact with PSWE’s kart sponsor (Corning Inc.), the crew chief, and the parts supplier at Fox Valley. In the spring, the chair will plan the tailgate before the race and design/order t-shirts for the race.

Intramurals Chair (~3 hrs/week) (Samantha Stephens)

This chair is responsible for acting as team captain of different intramural teams comprised of SWE members, such as volleyball, soccer, basketball, and floor hockey. The chair must register a SWE intramural team with the IM leagues, and maintain a roster of the minimum required number of players that the sport asks for. They must communicate to the different teams of practice times, game times, and game locations. The chair has a specific budget in which they must operate; this mean picking and choosing intramural sports that have the most interest from SWE members.

Homecoming Chair (~3 hrs/week, fall semester only) (N/A)

This chair is responsible for supervising the building of the SWE Homecoming Float for the parade in the fall semester. They are also responsible for coordinating PSWE participation in the various homecoming competitions (including window painting). For the homecoming float, the chair must supervise construction of the float based on the theme of that year’s homecoming parade, and recruit members to be in/on the float and give out candy to the children lining the streets.


Multicultural Chair (~1 hr/week) (Danielle Gaerke)

The two main goals of this position are to raise awareness of the different cultures present at Purdue and to increase involvement of students from different backgrounds and cultures.  The chair will be responsible for organizing 2-4 events each semester to help meet these goals.  PSWE consistently wins awards from National SWE for this position. The chair is encouraged to be creative in the topics of events.  Ideas for events might include: multicultural potluck dinner, tours of the cultural centers, or learning a new form of dance.  To increase visibility of the position, the chair is expected to work with other chairs in order to incorporate multicultural aspects into all areas of PSWE. In the past, the multicultural chair has paired with the Social, SWEetie Sidekick, and Community Service chairs.

Recruitment & Recognition Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Lindsey Frey)

The Recruitment & Recognition Chair is in charge of the development and organization of PSWE’s fall and spring callout, in addition the Senior Reception. One of the most important aspects of organizing the callouts is being creative and coming up with new ideas of how to inform members of all that PSWE has to offer as well as keep them engaged.  Improvement from previous years is always encouraged.  The Senior Reception is an evening full of fun activities, great food, and door prizes for the graduating SWE and Women in Engineering seniors, faculty, deans, and corporate representatives.

Student Affairs Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Jenny Sun)

The Student Affairs Chair is responsible for maintaining a database of current SWE members and SWE alumni. The main responsibilities are to track event attendance and keep a running record for the current membership. Members are rewarded for being active with points which they can put towards earning prizes each semester. An additional responsibility is selecting and rewarding the members of the week, as well as working closely with the Treasurer to facilitate and improve the SWE Points reimbursement system. The chair must be familiar with functions of excel and be able to keep the large file organized and up to date.

SWEetie Sidekick Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Cynthia Ramirez)

The SWEetie Sidekick Chair is responsible for organizing the membership mentor program. The chair must pair up the Sidekick (a general member, typically a freshman) with their Superhero (typically executive board member or upper classman). The SWEetie Sidekick Chair should monitor the interaction between the Superheroes and Sidekicks. The chair should ideally hold three SWEetie Sidekick member only events each semester. The chair should encourage Superheroes to start communication between the pairs and foster communication between the pairs throughout the semester. The chair should also use the SWEetie Sidekick Program as an opportunity to increase awareness of other facets of PSWE by encouraging the pairs to attend PSWE events together. As with other positions, it is encouraged to collaborate with other chairs for some events.


Exploring Engineering at Purdue Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Michelle Wellman)

The Exploring Engineering Chair works in conjunction with the Women in Engineering Program (WIEP) and Dawn Mikels to plan a day for junior and senior high school women to gain information about engineering and Purdue from tours, professors, students and practicing women engineers. The chair’s main responsibilities are to recruit and organize a large number of volunteers, pick out the lunch menu, introduce the key note speaker, and make a slide show to be shown at the morning opening session.  The chair is required to meet with WIEP to organize the event.  It is also encouraged that this chair supports other Outreach programs.

Girl Scout Day Chair (~3 hrs/week) (Frieda Venechuk)

The Girl Scout Day (GSD) Chair organizes a one day program held each semester, in which the Girl Scouts from the regional area participate in various activities. Activities range from making slime and building structures with Popsicle sticks. Planning for this event includes contacting Regional Girl Scout Events Coordinator, working with company sponsors, planning the activities, and organizing a large amount of volunteers.  The Girl Scouts also earn a SWE badge by participating in the event.  The chair must be prepared to work with SWE sections around Indiana to organize a statewide event.

Senior Sleepover Chair (~3 hrs/week) (Holly Avins)

The Senior Sleepover chair organizes two events for high school female seniors to visit Purdue and experience a day of college life while engaging in a mentoring relationship with a female engineering student. Through interactive and learning activities the women will have an opportunity to go to class with a student, stay the night in the residence halls, as well as participate in activities planned by the chair. There is also a brunch on Saturday morning with their parents and a keynote speaker. The weekends typically happen on a Friday and Saturday during mid November and early April. Planning for this event includes sending out invitations, organizing meetings with hostesses, planning the brunch in the morning, and organizing information sessions for parents during the day and activities for the students at night.

TEAMS Co-Chairs (~3 hrs/week) (Kara Garrison, Anna Bukur)

The TEAMS (Teaching Engineering Applications to Motivate Students) Co-Chairs are responsible for planning visits to local elementary and middle schools in order to introduce engineering to students. The two chairs will be responsible for planning bi-weekly daytime events, and for planning 1-2 night events per semester at local high schools. Chairs will be assigned as either the Daytime TEAMS Chair or the Nighttime TEAMS Chair, but are expected to work together on all events. This includes contacting teachers at the beginning of the semester and working with teachers to coordinate visit dates and times. The chairs will be responsible for developing and testing new project ideas each semester. The chairs should feel comfortable giving a short presentation about engineering and introducing the project in front of the class and facilitating the hands-on activity. It is important to be comfortable working with children of various ages (K-12). Having available transportation is important since all the visits require travelling to the schools.


Corporate Relations Chair (2 hrs/week) (Si Hui Wong)

The corporate relations chair reaches out to companies about participating in events planned for the coming academic year. They then plan social events and networking dinners with companies to let students network in a relaxed environment. The chair organizes about one event per month; past events include bowling, an etiquette dinner, mock interviews, and a baseball game. These events give SWE members the opportunity to learn professional skills and network with companies in a small group. They also offer companies the chance to interact more directly with top engineering talent at Purdue. This chair should be creative to generate a list of events for the coming year and be organized in order to manage a timeline and stay on top of the monthly events. Greatest challenges include engaging and retaining students for professional events.

Day with Industry Chair (~6 hrs/week, Fall Semester only) (N/A)

This chair is single-handedly responsible for organizing and executing one of PSWE’s largest professional development events. Day with Industry is an amazing event that occurs in early September (just in time for IR) and consists of a networking lunch, company development sessions, a panel discussion with company representatives, and more informal networking. Responsibilities include planning the event logistics, coordinating registration (both company and student), and working closely with Public Relations to advertise the event. Students who attend get to interact with company representatives prior to IR, which gives them a leg up for the career fair, and companies enjoy getting to know the students on a more personal basis. Good organizational skills are needed in order to keep to a well-planned agenda. This chair should not be afraid of taking charge and speaking in front of a large crowd. The chair must also be willing to spend time during the summer planning the event and reaching out to company representatives.

Market Yourself Chair (~3 hrs/week) (Aneeta Bapat)

Market Yourself is a professional development seminar event hosted by P&G held in the spring to prepare students for spring job fairs. The event prepares students for the spring job fairs by offering instruction on how to be a desirable candidate, both for students searching for internships and those looking for fulltime engineering positions. Event like Market Yourself offer SWE members a unique opportunity to recruit for PSWE talent. The Market Yourself Chair should be organized and well-spoken, as she or he will be the liaison between SWE and P&G representatives.


Trade Show Chair (2-4 hrs/week Fall; ~5 hrs/week Spring) (Beata Strubel)

The Trade Show Chair is responsible for organizing the annual Corporate Engineering Trade Show, which is new for Spring 2014. Companies will be set up with tables in different engineering building atriums and present demonstrations of what their company makes or does. Students are encouraged to bring resumes, as some companies will also use this event as a recruitment event. This chair will work with their director to plan a networking event at the end of the day for company representatives and diversity engineering organization members. The chair will need to be very self-driven and goal-oriented. They must be able to communicate with company representatives in a clear and professional manner. In addition, they must work well in teams as they will need to collaborate with SHPE, NSBE, SASE, and MAES representatives.

Networking Night Chair (~5 hrs/week, Fall Semester only) (N/A)

The Networking Night chair works with SHPE, NSBE, SASE, and MAES to host an informal reception and schedule mock interviews during Industrial Roundtable week. The chair will need to facilitate registration and mock interviews for both the company representatives, as well as handle all other details for the event. Professional and prompt responses to all company correspondence are necessary. Most of the planning and preparations for the event will need to be done over the summer.


All Member Meeting (AMM) Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Caitlin Cowden)

All Member Meetings are general meetings for any SWE members and non-members. Company sponsors give a presentation that relates to engineering and is designed to apply to all years and majors. AMM’s are also a great way to meet other SWE members, whether you are on the exec board or a general member. Since All-Member Meetings are open to any student on campus, AMM’s provide students with information about and why PSWE is a great organization to become a member of. The benefit to company sponsors is that they get recognized on all advertisements for the AMM and have an opportunity to present at the meeting as well. This provides the opportunity for general SWE members to be familiar with the companies that sponsor PSWE.

Community Service Chair (~1 hr/week) (Chloe Kauffman)

Community Service events are typically held on campus or in Lafayette. Everyone is encouraged to come to these events regardless of SWE membership status. We often pair with other philanthropic or campus organizations to bring a bigger group of people together to help out our community. By participating in community service, PSWE is able to learn about the community and the best way to help improve it! Company sponsors have a great opportunity to advertise for their company to both students and the community, while also making a positive impact on the community.

Social Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Leann Demorest)

The Social Chair plans fun events aimed to bringing members of SWE together in a relaxed setting. There is almost always an activity involved, such as roller skating or making cookies. Events can be held either on campus or in nearby locations in Lafayette. The Social Chair is encouraged to collaborate with other engineering organizations when planning events and may be asked to work with a company sponsor. Socials are a great opportunity for company sponsors because they drew in large numbers of people and provide a relaxed setting where sponsors can easily interact with students and promote their company recognition.

EWeek Chair (~1 hr/week) (Ele Chakraborty)

The E-Week Event Chair is responsible for organizing PSWE’s event as part of the National Engineer’s Week Celebration. E-Week takes place in February, and Purdue’s celebration is coordinated by Purdue Engineering President’s Council (PEPC). Anyone is welcome to attend, and participation by non-engineers is encouraged. The goal of E-Week is to show SWE’s pride for engineering and to educate the community about what engineer’s do. The E-Week chair is responsible for attending monthly PEPC meetings with the SWE President. This chair must be creative, as the events tend to be very different from year to year.


Publicity Chair (~5 hrs/week) (Nur Atiqah Abd Rahman)

The Publicity chair is in charge of publicizing Purdue SWE events using numerous resources around Purdue. This can include creating and posting flyers and handouts ,making sheet signs, emailing engineering secretaries and women in engineering program members, preparing ECN Announcements, and any other methods the chair can think of. The goal is to publicize the event effectively to the desired audience. The benefit to students and company sponsors is to get news about the event out to the desired audience.

Webmaster Chair (~4 hrs/week) (Molly Riccitelli)

The Webmaster chair is in charge of managing and updating the PSWE website, Facebook page, and Twitter. The Twitter can be delegated to another board member early in the semester, if deemed appropriate. The Webmaster main tasks will be adding events to all the pages, and making sure the website is easy to use and the information is easy to find. The benefit to students and company sponsors is to have sources for PSWE events to be advertised. Another benefit is to utilize social media to advertise PSWE events, and to be a place for PSWE members to socialize with each other. Also, company sponsors are displayed on the website.


Scrapbook Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Kimberly Wylin)

The Scrapbook Chair takes pictures of SWE events and prepares a scrapbook of those pictures. The Scrapbook Chair is expected to take pictures of all events. If they cannot attend an event, they’re expected to find someone to take pictures at the event. The Scrapbook Chair can also make a picture slideshow for the Awards Banquet in the spring. The Scrapbook Chair should make all the pictures available to all other board members on the SWE drive or other locations (like Facebook). The benefits to the students and company sponsors are a record of SWE events that have occurred in the past and pictures showing how the event went.

Blog Chair (~4 hrs/week) (Rose Galley)

The Blog Chair is in charge of publishing blog articles on the Purdue SWE blog along with deciding what content should be on the blog; including member of the week, funnies, etc. The Blog Chair coordinates a committee dedicated to writing articles for the blog. Articles should be published a minimum of once a week. Articles can be about SWE events, women in engineering news, or any other topics considered relevant to Purdue SWE. The benefits to the students and company sponsors are current news on what is going in Purdue SWE. This can be used to show members of the industrial advisory board and our alumni what is going on in Purdue SWE.

Alumni Relations Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Rhea Khanna)

The Alumni Relations Chair is responsible for creating and updating the PSWE alumni database. This includes reaching out to past SWE members, and obtaining information from graduating seniors. This chair will also send out an email to all alumni once per semester. This email is meant to update our alumni on PSWE events, along with encouraging them to get involved with sponsoring SWE events.

Historian Chair (~2 hrs/week) (Taylor Grimm)

Purdue SWE was chartered in 1954, and has a dynamic history. The Historian Chair is responsible for keeping track of PSWE history in the form of documentation and awards. This includes creating an accurate list of all PSWE awards (both from National SWE and from Purdue) and creating a database of records. It will be this chair’s responsibility to help determine, along with help from the officers, which records should be kept and updated each year. This may include executive board structure, goals, event summaries, attendance trends, etc.

*Please apply for positions, regardless of school year availability.  Many opportunities exist for co-ops!!

Director Position Descriptions ‘14­-’15

(Note: Time commitments are estimates and do not include mandatory meetings.)

Competition Teams Director (4­-6 hrs/week) (Chloe Heinen)

This Director, who works closely with the Treasurer, will face many real life situations that parallel what can happen in a career, such as solving problems, creating a balanced budget, and being an encouraging leader. Grand Prix is an annual cart race that takes place in April. Purdue SWE has had a kart, called the SWEet Machine in the race since 1974! The Director is responsible for communicating with the team sponsor, Corning Inc., completing the necessary paperwork to enter the race and for making major decisions concerning the budget and kart. The Director also is responsible for keeping great communication with the Crew Chief, incorporate “Tech Tips” into PSWE, helping to pick the pit crew and for making sure a t­shirt is designed and ordered. The director organizes a dinner with the current team and Corning Inc. representatives for the night before the race and puts together a tailgate for race day. The director must be supportive of the intramural team, and participate as co­captain of teams if necessary. The director must be involved with homecoming competitions, and support the chair’s efforts by helping paint windows or build the float. The director must assist the Team Tech chair by helping them develop this new position.

Membership Vitality Director (4­-6 hrs/week) (Devon Tamm)

The Membership Vitality Director communicates with general members about their membership status and involvement. The Director supports the Student Affairs, Multicultural, SWEetie Sidekick, and Recruitment & Recognition Chair in the continued development and improvement of their respective events and programs. Main tasks for this position include preparing and mailing informative membership packets for first year students over the summer, organizing the freshmen fall Ice Cream Social, and planning a spring social (geared towards upperclassmen). Also, it is expected for the director to come up with new initiatives to help with member recruitment and retention. The Membership Vitality Director is responsible for communicating with the Vice President to keep them update on what is going on within the directorship and submitting monthly budget reports to the Treasurer. Working with the WIEP graduate student group is recommended, as it ensures the needs of our graduate student members are acknowledged and considered.

Outreach Director (3-­5 hrs/week) (Deanna Esposito)

The Outreach Directorship focuses on encouraging and reaching out to younger females to inform them of the opportunities in engineering and to encourage them to pursue engineering as a career. The goal is to reach out to future generations of women engineers. The Director is primarily focused on helping chairs plan their activity and giving them information and advice about how it should be accomplished. It’s expected that the director be open and willing to plan PSWE’s collaboration with other outreach events on campus. The director will also be responsible for further developing new chair positions for 2014 due to the grant from Alcoa.

Professional Development Director (2­-4 hrs/week) (Alexandra Sexton)

The Professional Development Director manages services and programs for SWE members seeking professional skills and opportunities. At professional development events the director should be behind the scenes and help with any questions or problems. The director should also be flexible in planning events, in case chairs need assistance or are overwhelmed with tasks.

Professional Networking Director (2­-4 hrs/week) (Jakki Kielty)

The Professional Networking Director acts as a resource for the Networking Night Chair, and attends weekly meetings with the Division of Conferencing with the Trade Show Chair. The director has the task of planning and executing the banquet luncheon/dinner, networking reception, and awards presentation. The director’s role during the ceremony is to introduce speakers. The director also has the responsibility of inviting a keynote speaker and determining the theme. The director works closely with the Women in Engineering Program to coordinate scholarships and seating arrangements at the Awards Banquet in the spring.

Programs Director (4­-6 hrs/week) (Brittany Kaiser)

The Programs Directorship is responsible for creating and presenting interesting, informative, and recreational programs and activities for SWE members. This position should adequately reflect and fill the wants of the students and thus its Director should work closely with members and their chairs. The Programs Director is in charge of facilitating the executive board’s choice of whether or not to host a formal dance in the spring. The Director needs to be able to communicate with companies visiting for All Member Meetings as well as communicate on a day to day basis with their chairs.

Public Relations Director (4-­6 hrs/week) (Theresa Matthews)

The Public Relations Director is in charge of presenting SWE to the campus, community, and general public. The director should have an understanding of what encourages members to get involved, such as what the members enjoy and expect to get from their experiences in SWE, and knowledge of the range and variety of PSWE’s programs and activities. The director encourages/establishes new forms of publicity, and works closely with the Vice President to make sure events are included in the weekly general member e­mails. It is the intention for the director to focus on external publicity, while the chairs focus on internal publicity.

Section History Director (4-­6 hrs/week) (Karen Schulz)

The director oversees the chairs and watches over the big picture. The director encourages and helps the chairs with their work. This can include finding external sources for information and finding ways to share the findings of the chairs with the rest of PSWE. As a new directorship, it is important to monitor how the directorship is moving towards its long-term goals and that the directorship continues to grow and develop. This director must help establish a working alumni database, along with organizing SWE records from throughout its history. This director must also ensure that the blog and scrapbook are completed on time in order to document the events of the year.

Officer Position Descriptions

President (~15-20 hrs/week) (Maya Denton)

The President is responsible for overseeing the entire Purdue SWE organization and needs to be aware of National SWE initiatives. Responsibilities include: facilitating communication among the executive board, developing new relationships between companies and PSWE, and submitting semester and annual reports to National and Regional SWE (to keep Purdue SWE in good standing). Excellent and professional writing skills are needed to prepare funding proposals to support the annual budget and to write award nominations (submitted to Purdue and to National SWE) for the section’s activities and outstanding members of the section.

The President also plans and hosts bi-annual meetings with the Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), keeps the advisor up to date on the overall health of the section, and sends monthly updates to the IAB. The President is responsible for organizing the selection of the executive board (interviews, etc.) immediately following her appointment into presidency. In addition, at the end of the term, the President must host a leadership callout, in addition to coordinating the officer elections in March.

Time commitment is approximately 15-20 hours per week. There are four hours of weekly commitments; officer/advisor meeting, officer meeting, executive board meetings and office hours. PRT (President Roundtable) meetings are one hour bi-weekly and PEPC (Purdue Engineering Presidents’ Council) is monthly. Time is needed for meeting preparation, as the President is responsible for running the officer/advisor meetings, officer meetings, and officer/director meetings. More time is also required to write proposals and reports, to communicate generally by email with companies, advisors, and executive board members (weekly ODC emails).

Vice President (~6-10 hrs/week) (Rachel Lindsay)

The Vice President is responsible for all internal communications within the SWE section through writing/sending weekly e-mails to all general members. Along with sending e-mails to the general list, they are responsible for updating the recipient list. The VP is responsible for planning and directing the office/director/chair (ODC) meetings, sparking growth for the Board, and building unity within the board. The VP is also responsible for planning and executing the fall and spring retreats for the ODC Board.

Time commitment is 6-10 hours per week. At least four one-hour meetings a week are required: an office hour, officer meetings, officer/advisor meetings, and ODC/OD meetings. More time is required outside the meetings for e-mail and meeting preparation, some weeks are more while others are less. Enthusiasm is a must because the VP sets the tone for the internal workings of the organization.

Treasurer (~8-10 hrs/week) (Dani Wylin)

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the PSWEs funds and preparing a budget for section programs. Responsibilities include reimbursing members for PSWE-related spending, depositing funds the section has collected, being knowledgeable about the university’s financial procedures, and interfacing with the Business Office for Student Organizations. The Treasurer is also responsible for planning the regional conference trip (early spring semester), ordering merchandise, organizing merchandise sales, and overseeing the Competition Teams Directorship.

Time commitment is 8-10 hours per week. There are four hours of weekly commitments; officer/advisor meetings, officer meetings, and an office hour. Executive Board meetings are also one hour weekly. Time is required outside of meetings to communicate with Directors, assist other Officers, fill out reimbursement and deposit forms, and maintain the budget.

Secretary (~6-7 hrs/week) (Madeline Zimmerman)

The Secretary is responsible for keeping the minutes and attendance at all meetings, organizing and supplying the office, and taking care of other office and meeting related issues. Tasks also include matching the Executive Board with office hours and Office Assistants, coordinating weekly bagel breaks, ordering nametags and polos, tracking executive board attendance at mandatory events, and tracking contents of the storage locker. In addition, the Secretary plans the trip to the national conference towards the end of the fall semester.

Time commitment is 6-7 hours per week with summer and fall being the busiest. There are four hours of weekly commitments; officer/advisor meetings, officer meetings, executive board meetings, and an office hour. Time is also required outside of meetings to communicate with Directors, check PSUB mailbox, and assist other Officers.


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