Meet the Membership Vitality Directorship

Membership Vitality Directorship

Note:  This is the third article in a series profiling the directorships within the PSWE Executive Board.

Meet the Directorship!

Membership Vitality Directorship

The Membership Vitality directorship is all about making sure students get the most out of their SWE membership. They work on developing ways to increase membership, reward members for attending events and getting involved, and create an open and inviting atmosphere for students to connect.

Meet the Chairs!

Membership Vitality Directorship
Lindsey, Daniell, Devon, and Cynthia have some fun at the ODC retreat

Recruitment and Recognition – Lindsey Frey
Lindsey is in charge of recruiting new members to SWE. She plans the callouts in the fall and the Spring Kickoff. She also hosts the Senior Reception in the spring which celebrates all the graduating members of SWE and WIEP.

Student Affairs – Jenny Sun
Jenny collects the attendance data from all the SWE events and compiles it into a big database. For each SWE event you attend, you earn points which can be put towards awesome prizes.

Multicultural – Daniell Gaerke
Daniell plans a couple of events each semester that help SWE members learn more about different cultures. Last semester, we had a disability awareness night and invited the Purdue Roobaroo Team to teach us an Indian dance routine.

SWEetie Sidekick – Cynthia Ramirez
SWEetie Sidekick is a mentoring program where freshman are paired up with upperclassmen. Cynthia is in charge of organizing these pairs and setting up monthly meetings and events. Pairs are encouraged to attend additional SWE events together as well as meet up on their own. This program provides a great way to bond with someone over school, SWE, or other common interests and get some great advice.

Roobaroo Dance Night
Learning how to dance at Roobaroo Dance Night!

Meet the Director!

Devon Tamm

Devon oversees the 4 chair positions in her directorship as well as plans the ice cream social in the fall and PCBC in the spring. Over the summer, she organizes and sends out information packets to incoming freshmen so they can get involved right away. Devon is a senior in Chemical Engineering

Q:  Why did you join the executive board?

A:  I joined the executive board because after being an office assistant for a semester, I was looking for a way to get more involved. Based on the events I attended and the board members I talked to, it seemed like a great way to gain leadership skills and work with engineers from other disciplines.

Q:  What is your favorite part about SWE?

A:  What I love most about SWE is the amazing opportunities it offers. You are given the chance to travel to the regional and national conferences and you are put into contact with some amazing women in the field of engineering. Just last semester, the president of national SWE came to Purdue and spoke with members of PSWE. What an awesome experience!

Q:  What Membership Vitality events are you most looking forward to this semester?

A:  This semester, I’m looking forward to all of the unique multicultural events and celebrating with all the graduating SWE members at the Senior Reception later this spring.


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