Now and Then

The end of the semester can be super stressful, loaded with projects, “in class assignments” aka illegal quizzes during dead week, and of course final exams. Oh, and don’t forget the procrastinating.

If sometime during these weeks, you feel pushed to your limit and have no idea how you’re not going to fail everything, just think of all the other people who were in your shoes before and survived.

So enjoy a break from studying (or continue procrastinating) and take a look at some of these “now and then” photos of current PSWE members and the women who came before them.

1971-72   Kathy Adams, President

left:  1971-1972 Officers, right:  Kathy Adams, President

2013-2014 Officers

2013-2014 Officers: (L-R) Madeline Zimmerman (Secretary), Dani Wylin (Treasurer), Rachel Lindsay (Vice President), Maya Denton (President)

Grand Prix

Sporty SWE

Region II / Region H Conference

Awards Banquet


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