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I chatted with some PSWE members who attended the SWE Nationals Conference (WE’13) about their experiences. Here’s what they had to share 🙂 If you like what they have to say, keep an eye out for the application to attend next year’s National SWE conference in LA!

Deanna Esposito:

“Going to nationals really puts another perspective on SWE. You can see first hand that the opportunities you get from SWE continue on even after graduating college. It makes me excited to know that after I leave Purdue, I can still stay very involved!”

Ashley Stroup:

“As a member of the Senate, I attended the SWE Senate Meeting on Saturday at Nationals. This was a great opportunity to see how SWE functions at its top levels. At the senate meeting, we voted on three Bylaws Amendments [more information is available in An Update from Your Region H Senator] These meetings are a great way to see what changes are happening within SWE, and to see what leadership positions are available as a professional member.”

Cynthia Ramirez:

“It was truly an amazing experience to go to WE ’13 in Baltimore. I learned so much in many different aspects, especially in professional development. I realized just how much of an impact SWE has in the nation with the hundreds of different companies that are invested in SWE and the work that we do. Also getting to attend the Conference as an identified SWE Future Leader, a recognition from my peers in the Purdue SWE section was truly unbelievable. Knowing that there are others around me who see the potential that I have in SWE and in my future career was humbling. It was a truly great experience and I strongly encourage everyone to apply for next year and also try to become involved as a professional. SWE is one of those organizations that will always be there to support you.”

Michelle Wellman:

“Nationals was a great way to see how involved you can become with SWE. It was very encouraging for me to see all these women engineers succeed and it gave me even more of a drive to become a female engineer. I really enjoyed going to a new city and being able to look around while learning more about SWE and the impact I can have.”

Maya Denton:

“I personally thought that Nationals was extremely beneficial to attend! I loved being able to see what SWE was like at a national level and enjoyed being able to interact with professional SWE members and collegiate members from other sections. It was awesome to go to the Purdue Alumni brunch and talk to other past Purdue SWE presidents and officers. The career fair was unlike anything I’d ever seen before – it was incredible! My favorite part was being able to get to know the other Purdue SWE members better and bonding with them. It’s great to see other PSWE members get excited about SWE!”

Danica Wylin:

“As a first time attendee to the National SWE conference, I was awed by the large numbers of SWE members, professional and collegiate. There are so many SWE members excited and eager to connect and support each other. It is very reassuring to have a large support system!”

Madeline Zimmerman:

“I have been very lucky to have had the opportunity to attend the SWE Annual conference with PSWE this year and last year. The SWE Annual conference is a great way to network with companies who sponsor SWE, network with SWE members from other schools, and see the thousands of female engineers who are passionate about SWE. The WE13 Annual conference in Baltimore allowed me to really see what SWE is like at a National level. Bringing together the SWE collegiate and professional members annually is a great way to show how much support there is for female engineers. Attending the career fair at the WE13 annual conference was incredible to see how many companies support female engineers. In addition to the career fair, my favorite part of attending WE13 with PSWE was having the opportunity to get to know Purdue SWE members better!”

Ashlee Janczak:

“The thought that most stuck with me from the conference is:  it’s not about finding a work/life balance because it doesn’t exist. You need to live a full life, however, you decide to define the word “full.” I also was able to attend the Collegiate Leadership Institute as a Society of Women Engineers Future Leader. This was a great opportunity because I got to meet other collegiate leaders in SWE. One of the leaders at my table was from Turkey so it was very interesting to have a more global perspective as we discussed leadership throughout the day. “


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