An Update from Your Region H Senator Ashley Stroup!

Hi PSWE! Check out this update from Purdue SWE member and current Region H senator Ashley Stroup. This article is full of news from the National SWE Conference WE ’13. (originally posted on the Region H Blog)

SWE Region H Blog

Greetings Region H!

My name is Ashley Stroup, and I am the Region Collegiate Senator for Region H. This past week I had the awesome opportunity to attend the SWE Annual Conference, WE ’13. As a member of the Senate, I attended the SWE Senate Meeting on Saturday. This was a great opportunity to see how SWE functions at its top levels.

At the senate meeting, we voted on three Bylaws Amendments. The first vote concerned who would chair the Nominating Committee. There was a motion to require the immediate past president to serve as the chair of this committee. Having the past president serve as chair would be great because they are very well qualified for the position. However, this lengthens their term to three years (one as president elect, one as president, and one as chair of the committee.) Due to the concern of burnout, a substitute motion was…

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