Cheer Like an Engineer!

PSWE Executive Board Performs the Engineering Cheer

Who says engineers aren’t spirited?  Madeline Zimmerman, PSWE secretary, boosts engineering pride through the engineering cheer.  Last year, Madeline received the SWE Morkescott Award, presented by Patti Poppe. This award recognizes someone who shows enthusiasm for SWE. Upon receiving this award, Patti Poppe taught her the historic Purdue engineering cheer and they recited the cheer together. Since that moment, Madeline has passionately worked to spread the engineering cheer throughout PSWE and the entire student body!

Madeline changed some of the words of the cheer, but overall the cheer remains the same as it has for years. Now she is promoting the cheer by putting it on the executive board t-shirts and other SWE apparel like tank tops and sweatshirts.

Madeline hopes to reach out to more Purdue engineers, so that the cheer can be known campus-wide! Learn how to do the cheer on YouTube with the PSWE Executive board…the words are located in the video description and through closed captioning.Engineering Cheer


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