A day in the life of the SWoffice

You’ve gone there to claim prizes for points, the occasional Friday morning bagel, as an office assistant for an hour each week or simply to hang out with other cool SWE members.  Tucked away into a lesser known hallway of Hampton (a.k.a. Civil), the SWE office or SWoffice is a cornerstone of how PSWE functions and grows.

Follow a day in the life of the SWoffice:

October 18, 2013

8:30 AM, Bagels are dropped off by member June Zheng and bagel break begins!Picture 1

9:10 AM, Brittany Kaiser and her office assistant, Kate Long, e-mail PSWE secretary Madeline Zimmerman a joke as part of an office hour task reading check.

“What’s a tree’s favorite drink?”

…. Root Beer (haha)

Kim Peterson hangs out while enjoying her bagel and shares stories from the road as a legitimate band groupie. If you see her around be sure to ask her about her favorite bands!Picture 2

9:30 AM, A bagel break first! Jenna Schriner, aeronautical engineering student, enjoys her first SWagel (SWE bagel)!

Picture 3

And bagel break rolls on …Picture 4

10:00 AM, I drop into the middle of Ele Chakraborty’s SWoffice hour. As E-week chair she’s organizing a dance which will take place in February.

DJ’s, dancing engineers, fun activities, and hors d’oeuvres are in the works as she uses her SWoffice hour to plan!Picture 5

11:20 AM, Theresa, Publicity Director for PSWE, is just leaving from her SWoffice hour. I catch her at the door with PSWE Secretary Madeline!

Something interesting that happened during Theresa’s SWoffice hour – brainstorming about possible Disney themed SWE activities with SWE member and Disney intern, Jordyn Kohlmeyer!

Theresa grabs a bagel for the road, one of the perks of having a Friday SWoffice hour.Picture 6

11:30 AM, My SWoffice hour begins and I use it to take some snapshots of SWoffice attractions!

If you make a lasting impact through PSWE leadership your name could end up on a plaque; some alumni who come to our events as professional engineers have their name on a plaque from the time when they were students. Check out our hallway bulletin board which features famous women in engineering, and our catalog of SWEswag!  Extra points for finding the following lesser known attributes of the SWoffice on your next visit: the “Welcome to the SWoffice” sign, the “SWElephant in the SWOffice” and a sign meant to be found by more gullible members.

My SWoffice assistant, Cindy Karina, and Daniell Gaerke, PSWE Multicultural chair, discuss future collaboration between SWE and WIEP for multicultural events!Picture 7

2:00 PM, The last SWoffice hour of the day this week is Maya’s – PSWE President. As President she not only leads the organization but also represents PSWE at leadership events. Today she was using her SWoffice hour to plan her attendance at a Purdue Engineering Presidents’ Council dinner. We spent some time catching up and bonding over SWingo (SWE lingo).Picture 8

This wrapped up my coverage of a day in the life of the SWoffice, but to truly get a perspective of how long this tiny room has been SWE’s home I met up with Taylor Grimm, PSWEstorian.

For an academic year our SWoffice was temporarily in the IDE building; before then our office had been in Potter 224 since the establishment of our chapter. We moved into the current SWoffice in the early 1980’s so for about 30 years we have been eating bagels, planning events, making friends, sharing stories, and promoting women engineers in the same place.

Picture 9


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