Letter from the Editor: Fall Break Reading

fall break

Happy Fall Break! On behalf of the PSWE executive board, I’d like to say thanks for being so involved with SWE so far this semester. We will have more fun events coming up after break…check out the PSWE website for more information.

With your extra time during break, check out these articles about engineering, getting a job or internship, or just for fun! Enjoy your break and get refreshed to finish out the second half of the semester strong!

“Why are There Still so Few Women in Science?” an interesting read about gender bias in STEM fields

“4 Questions You Must Ask at Your Next Job Interview” some advice for those of you searching for internships or jobs

“Meet 5 Future STEM Superstars…All Girls 7 to 11” video interviews with adorable elementary school girls excited about science and STEM!

“My Journey to Becoming Instagram’s First Female Engineer” Brina Lee’s story of how she became a software engineer at Instagram

Your Editor,

Rose Galley


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