New SWE Executive Director and CEO

Karen Horting, SWE CEO

After 11 years, national SWE Executive Director and CEO, Betty Shanahan, will be resigning from her position. Under her leadership, SWE has grown from 15,000 to over 25,000 members. She also extended national SWE’s involvement in public policy and increased industrial support.

Betty will be passing off her duties to Karen Horting, CAE.  Karen has served as the Deputy Executive Director and has been responsible for corporate membership and SWE’s Corporate Partnership Council, professional development, K-12 outreach, the SWE Annual Conference and SWE’s international expansion. Check out Karen’s biography for more information about her background.

SWE President Stacey M. DelVecchio reported the transition in a member-wide e-mail stating:

“On behalf of SWE, I’d like to extend Betty our sincere thanks and appreciation for over 11 years of service.  She leaves the Society well placed for even better things as we continue to grow, execute our strategy, and focus on our mission.  I’d also like to welcome Karen as the new SWE Executive Director & CEO.  We are excited to have her in this role and look forward to the future with her.”

As members of PSWE, let’s join Stacey in welcoming Karen into her new role and thanking Betty for her years as CEO!


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