Leadership for Dummies: How to know who is on your Team

IceThe March AMM took an “interesting” spin as Raytheon’s Cindy Hechman, engineering supervisor and learning coordinator, introduced two new icebreaker techniques for team bonding.  The two techniques, PIG diversity and the 4 C’s, create a “testing method” in which team leaders and members can see what each other think about themselves in different aspects.

Participating in the activity, I learned a lot about myself, or rather what I thought of myself consciously.

PIG Diversity Activity

In this icebreaker, all team members must draw a pig (the farm animal) anywhere on a black sheet of paper.  After everyone is finished, the physiologic analysis of each drawing is reveled.  Here is a breakdown of the analysis.

Location of pig on page:

  • Top: positive, optimistic
  • Middle: realist
  • Bottom: negative, pessimistic
  • Left: traditional, conservative
  • Right: creative person, liberal, out there

Way you drew the pig:BabyPig2

  • On its front side: you are direct, devil’s advocate, daring
  • Have details in drawing: distressful, detail-oriented
  • No details: risk taker, don’t care for details

Number of legs:

  • Less than 4: insecure
  • 4 legs: secure, stubborn
  • More than 4: you need help L

Ear size:

  • Shows how good of a listener you are

Tail length:

  • Ummm…. Well, lets just say that the longer you drew it, the more energy you have to do a certain activity

93654__hobbit_l_8132I bet everyone is wondering what my pig looked like.  In my opinion, it looked like a fat hobbit (not very artistic when it comes to pencils).  However, I did learn that apparently I’m a realist who is also a devil’s advocate and insecure, detail-oriented, great listener.  (I did draw a tail, but I don’t think anyone wants to know my energy level.)

Now, for the second activity!!

The 4 C’s

For this one, everyone needs to answer four questions, all of which the main word begins with the letter C.  The questions that were asked are as follows…

  • What COLOR would you be?
  • What CAR would you be?
  • What CARTOON would you be?
  • What CUISINE would you be?

This one made me think for a few minutes.  The fun thing is that there is no systematic analysis for this.  The person must defend their answer choices as to why they would be the certain item.  I answered purple, Ferrari, Minnie Mouse, and raspberry tart.  I guess I am secretly a small purple mouse who dreams to ride in a Ferrari eating a rasbery desert.  It kind of reminds me of a weird dream I had once…

Anyway, if you dare to do these activities in a team of some sort or on your own, I would love to hear about it.  You can post your answers below this article or email them…whatever you choose.  I hope everyone is enjoying this weather!  It’s beautiful outside.


Author: Ele Chakraborty

Hi! My name is Ele and I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering and a CCO Ambassador. In my free time, I love to make graphic design, write, and figure out how to make the impossible possible.

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