Alzheimer’s Awareness Build-off

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.  It is a devastating form of dementia with no cure or preventative treatment, and the number of people affected by this disease continues to sky-rocket.  Now it’s time to fight back!  Join PSWE in the fight against Alzheimer’s!

The Alzheimer’s Awareness Build-off is a new event intended to spread awareness and raise support for Alzheimer’s disease research and caregivers.  Teams of 3-5 people will compete in a three round LEGO throw down.  During each round, teams are given a limited amount of time and LEGOs to complete a LEGO structure.  Each round has different building requirements that grow more difficult as the competition progresses.  After each round, a panel of judges will determine point values based on general criteria (i.e., creativity, aesthetics, etc.).  At the end of the third round, total points will be calculated and a winner will be announced!  All participants will receive prizes, and the winners will receive an addition prize!

The ten-dollar team entry fee will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association.  There will be “booths” of information and puzzles to learn about Alzheimer’s disease and stimulate your brain.  Even if you cannot stay for the entire event, feel free to stop by and pick up a free puzzle!  The event is Sunday, March 24th from 2-4pm in the Engineering Mall or FRNY atrium (if it rains or is too cold/windy to be outside).  Register your team at or email Stephanie ( and help PSWE fight Alzheimer’s!


Author: Ele Chakraborty

Hi! My name is Ele and I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering and a CCO Ambassador. In my free time, I love to make graphic design, write, and figure out how to make the impossible possible.

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