Celebrating Women Worldwide: SWE online virtual conference

On March 8th , the world celebrated International Women’s Day — a day each year when thousands of events are held throughout the world to inspire women and celebrate their achievements.  Eventhough the worldwide event has past, you can celebrate women achievement by building and sculpting your own career as a women engineer.  Let SWE be your ticket to destination: success by these offers.

Celebrate by preparing for your career
Bechtel is pleased to join the celebration through our partnership with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) by offering all university SWE Chapter Members access to SWE’s online virtual conference.  With 40+ diverse sessions, you can hone your technical engineering knowledge, and learn how to

  • Master the art of an effective internship,
  • Utilize your network to find a job in 10 days,
  • Host a successful “evening with industry,”
  • Business etiquette around the world,
  • Conduct innovative K-12 STEM outreach activities, among others.

Accessing the courses
You will receive a separate email with directions for accessing the SWE Virtual Conference through Bechtel University. The sessions will be available through the end of 2013. Once you have access to Bechtel University, the courses can be located using search term “Women Engineers”.

About Bechtel’s partnership with SWE
In addition to supporting local and regional SWE events, Bechtel is an active member of SWE’s Corporate Partnership Council, and we participate in the SWE’s annual conference by sponsoring events, providing speakers, and taking part in the career fair.  For many years, SWE has provided Bechtel employees across the globe with professional development, mentoring, networking, and leadership development opportunities to help them advance their careers.


Author: Ele Chakraborty

Hi! My name is Ele and I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering and a CCO Ambassador. In my free time, I love to make graphic design, write, and figure out how to make the impossible possible.

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