Three Pairs of Shoes

Our three section winners of the recent Schlumberger essay contest would like to share their inspiring essays.  Here is where each individual’s shoes will take them:

Rebecca Krause
Heavens to Murgatroyd, my feet are KILLING me!  But I guess that’s not unexpected when you are running from one adventure to the next.  And I wasted no time in embarking on my unusual journey, switching gears as rapidly as I switched shoes.

I hopped straight out of my high school sneakers into some steel toes, although what I really needed was a full Hazmat suit: working as an intern in a combustible chemical plant, things can get pretty messy.  Yet just as I was growing accustomed to the fit of my boots, it was time to purchase a pair of more office-friendly shoes as I said so long solvents, sign me up for circuits at Intel!  Suddenly a new kind of work lay before me, one that resided on a virtual canvas rather than a chemical one.

Even with all the wonders I’ve seen, my feet are itching for a new pair of shoes for one more escapade.  When I’m not covered head to steel toe in white chemical powder or collaborating on the latest software design, you can find me on the stage.  I live for the thrill of expertly intertwining emotion and words to convey to the audience something they’ve never understood before.  Until recently, I thought my passion for performance could be nothing but a beloved hobby; now I know exactly which shoes I want to don next: those of the educator.   The academic route isn’t the most popular in engineering, but my eclectic mix of internships has taught me that the most interesting paths often appear lightly tread.  It seems unreal that I can combine my love of technology and my desire to elicit new understanding in an audience into one career.  But instead of pulling tears or laughter from spectators, I get to witness comprehension dawning on students’ faces.

I appreciate the time I’ve spent in steel toes, stilettos, and sneakers alike.   But thanks to the sense of worth I feel when teaching, there isn’t a shoe in the world that could make me feel any more beautiful than I do.

Sequoia Murray, My Shoes
I have a lot of shoes you see,
Some white, black, purple, pink, blue and even green.
Some are short while others are tall.
A few are too big for my feet, and one pair is too small.
However, none of this truly matters anyway,
Because they all have one important thing in common at the end of the day.
My shoes allow me to roam as I please.
My trusty tennis shoes were with me when I gave the Great Wall of China a squeeze.
My steeltoes came in handy this summer when I worked with reactors.
I wear my favorite pair, boots, on the farm while working on the tractor.
I’ve danced at parties and bars while wearing both flats and pumps.
My cleats always help me combat those nasty soccer field lumps.
However, perhaps the most exciting concept to me,
Is where these shoes can and will take me if I work hard and believe.
I believe one day I will make a difference in this world and in people’s lives.
I believe solar energy can meet the world’s energy needs—this concept I hope to revive.
I’ll do this by imbibing new knowledge at every possible turn, avenue, and channel
While also collaborating with great minds to design efficient solar energy storage and panels.
With a little luck, hard work, collaboration, and courage I hope to figure this energy problem out!
There would be less worry because an affordable energy source would be available without a doubt!
Should I be blessed enough to possess more money than I need,
I’d give this to the abused, sick, and hungry to heal their hurt and help them succeed!
None of these dreams would be possible without my confidence shoes.
Because when I wear this pair, there is no way I can lose!
For now my school shoes get me from place to place,
Preparing me for a beautiful future I yearn to embrace.

Alana Wilbee
I believe that we wear a few different sets of shoes that take us through our lives. Right now, I’ve got my tennis shoes on. They are perfect for trekking around campus and learning the things I need to know to jump start my life. Tennis shoes are strong enough to support you, and light enough to make it easy to stand up when you fall. Especially when it seems like tripping is the only thing you know how to do. They are the best shoes, and the best attitude, to wear as I step through college. Right now I need to weather through the onslaught of information, get my feet wet in exploration, and sometimes just walk softly in contemplation.

After I’ve worn out my tennis shoes, I’m planning on switching to work boots. As the civil engineer I’m planning to be, I’m sure I’ll put them to a lot of use. It’s been my dream, ever since I was pretty small, to work on structures. I’ve always thought that buildings and bridges are beautiful. To me they seem a fantastic combination of function and art. I want to build things like that, that make people pause in awe. And that’s where the work boots will help me out. Work boots are sturdy. They protect you and give you the strength to stand tall. They communicate a firmness and resolution that the job will get done, and get done right. With the strength in those shoes, in that attitude, I won’t falter. I will walk firmly toward my dream.

There are times, as I walk my path, that I plan on taking off my shoes for a while. Times when shoes just won’t take me to the places I need to go. In those times I’ll chase the other parts of life, like the parts where I’ll get married and have a family, or where I travel the world, or here I go on epic adventures. I believe in the importance of those times as well. For those times, I can take off my shoes a while and dance.


Author: Ele Chakraborty

Hi! My name is Ele and I am a junior in Biomedical Engineering and a CCO Ambassador. In my free time, I love to make graphic design, write, and figure out how to make the impossible possible.

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