Thanksgiving Destresser

Happy Fall PSWE!

We are so close to Thanksgiving break! As final exams draw near, remember to take some time to enjoy the company of friends and remind yourself of all the wonderful things life has to offer. It is the season to be thankful, after all. Go big and plan a Friendsgiving, or stay in and treat yourself to some homemade easy pumpkin pie pops (recipe below). Either way, be sure to check out these fun Thanksgiving themed ideas and activities!

  • Recipe for Mini Pumpkin Pie Pops HERE

  • Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
  • Make a list of things you’re thankful for and share with friends
  • Do some Thanksgiving or fall-related coloring pages (which can be SUPER stress-relieving)
  • Play some festive games with your friends, like Pin the Tail on the Turkey, bobbing for apples, or Thanksgiving Bingo
  • If you’re thinking of hosting a Friendsgiving dinner, prepare for it by reading these Stress-Free Party Hosting Ideas and Guidelines HERE


Have a wonderful Thanksgiving break!

-Jenna Greene


Study Tips and Tricks

Hello SWEpole,

We know that midterm season can be stressful. To combat this stress, promote good study habits, and help you to be successful, the Communications Committee brainstormed some helpful study tips. Check out the list below:

  • Make a study guide using the course learning objectives
  • Hicks and WALC are now both 24 hours! Try a change of scenery (which can boost productivity) and study in one of those libraries
  • Do practice problems and take notes on how you did them (steps, thought process, formulas, etc.). Don’t forget to check your work with an answer key!
  • FYE students: look for practice exams for your FYE classes—there are tons of them that you can find online, or even get from upperclassmen
  • Weekly Joys has exams to practice with (visit
  • Network with upperclassmen
    • Your SWisters have endless insights they’d love to share with you
  • Go through your lecture notes after class and highlight important information
    • When doing homework, you can also highlight what information from the notes was particularly helpful
  • Read (or skim) the sections in the book. Reading the textbook is NOT overrated, and it doesn’t take as long as you might expect
  • Check out the “Practice another version” (if available) and “My Class Insights” tabs in Webassign for extra practice problems and information about topics you might want to spend extra time studying
    • You can also check out the “Past Assignments” tab, where there may be extra help available to you on problems from assignments that are past due
  • If your professor posts a practice exam, take it under exam conditions (quiet, timed, etc.) to accurately see how well prepared you are for the real exam
  • Put your phone away so you’re not distracted. Isolate yourself.
    • Put it on airplane mode, use a timer that locks your phone, or get the Pocket Points app, and earn points (for coupons) while your phone is not being used
  • Reward yourself! (my personal preference is to reward myself with food, but to each her own)
  • Take study breaks! They will help you to focus better while you’re studying
  • Sure, coffee and tea can really help get you through study sessions, but the healthiest thing you can be drinking is water, so don’t forget to bring a water bottle to your study sessions
  • Take care of yourself! Don’t forget to get good sleep around exam time. Your brain works best after a good night’s sleep

We hope you find these tips to be helpful. Good luck with exams! We believe in you!

-Your SWE Communications Committee

Weekly Destresser: October 20, 2017

Hello, and welcome to the first weekly destresser of the school year! After over a month of school and a seemingly endless round of exams, a good destresser is just what I need right about now.

Since it’s officially October, I’m sure most of us are starting to get into the Halloween spirit. If you like spooky, funny, and/or cute things, you’re in the right place. And, for those of you who, like me, don’t have a Halloween costume picked out yet, this is the perfect inspiration for you. Note-taking is optional (I mean, this IS a destresser, people).

Check out these pets who TOTALLY nailed their Halloween costumes.

Take some time to relax this weekend, perhaps by creating your (or your pet’s) epicHalloween costume.

By Jenna Greene

Some Thoughts on Bathrooms and Women in STEM (from a Woman in STEM)

I want to take you on a tour of the Physics Building on campus. Based on what I found in a brief search online, the current building was opened in 1941. It is still used frequently today for the physics courses all engineers are required to take.

To get to a women’s restroom, you have to follow signs like the one I’ve posted here. Half a dozen of these signs will lead you through numerous hallways, past most of the classrooms, past two men’s restrooms, until finally you reach a women’s room in a barely used hallway. Without the signs, you would probably never find it. Once you’re there, the bathroom itself appears to literally be a closet that was converted into a bathroom.

Here’s why I find this so compelling.

When this building was made over 70 years ago, women were pushed so far out of the picture of STEM fields, the original designer didn’t even need to consider that women would be there at all. There was no thought that a woman might need to be inside a Physics Building.

I want to make it clear that I am not offended by this. I understand that a whole building can’t be remodeled just to add a bathroom in a more convenient place. Rather, I find it somewhat inspiring, motivational even. It shows how far we have come, that women are now in these buildings and taking an active role in STEM fields. Obviously there is a long way to go given current statistics on women in the STEM workforce (an estimated 24% according to the most recent census), but it’s nice to look back and see what steps have been made.

I have also run into a similar bathroom problem in the old Mechanical Engineering Building (Built in 1932). However, it motivates me to know that I am studying in a field that 70 years ago, I would have been seen as unfit for. 70 years ago, the idea of me being in the Mechanical Engineering Building was so unthinkable, they didn’t even include women’s restrooms.

And it’s a comfort to know that when I leave thermodynamics and need to find the bathroom, I can go to the new wing of the Mechanical Engineering Building (Built in 2009) and easily find a women’s room right next to the men’s.

By Lexie Ziolkowski

PSWE Month in Review – September

Looking back on September, it has been quite a busy start to the year. As we get back into the swing of things, it seems all PSWE members – new and old – are looking forward to a fun-filled semester.

We kicked off the year with our annual Executive Board Retreat. Officers, Directors, and Chairs took on the Boiler Challenge Course – and won! We rewarded a successful day of bonding and team work with a spontaneous, late-night trip to IHOP!

Excited for recruiting new members, the Communications Committee hosted a Paint Party to make the sheet sign for callouts.

Callouts were a huge success and we are grateful for everyone who attended. We hope this opportunity provided you with the chance to learn more about what SWE does and how you can become more involved!

And there are so many ways to be involved – from yoga to scavenger hunts and more! Molly Wagner, Social Chair, organized SWoga (SWE Yoga) in the feature gym of the CoRec with a GroupX Yoga instructor as a de-stressor after Industrial Roundtable (IR). Here is a picture of us practicing our tree poses!

But we’re not all fun and games here at SWE – we work hard too!

Katie Atherton, All Member Meeting (AMM) Chair, hosted the first AMM of the year with over 100 participants. The meeting was paired with great food (thank you Noodles & Co.!) and an informative presentation from the Krannert Graduate Business School. Members also learned about each other through icebreakers and how to get the most out of their summers. We can already tell our members are going to do amazing things this year!

We also had the first professional event of the year Day with Industry, hosted by Megan Lim, Day with Industry Chair. It was the perfect way to kick off the IR week and begin networking with industry leaders. Additionally, Jordan Ganley, Networking Night Chair, hosted Networking Night that same week to give members the opportunity to speak with company representatives in a relaxed setting. Mock interviews were also conducted during the event, giving SWEeties a chance to refine their interviewing techniques.

SWE wrapped up the month with a bundle of volunteer and outreach activities. Abby Mitchell, TEAMS chair, hosted a successful Family Math Night where volunteers worked with kids in the West Lafayette community to better their math skills! Members also collaborated to design engineering-themed coloring pages for elementary students.

Congratulations to all of these ladies, and everyone else who was a part of these events (especially the volunteers!), for doing a great job kicking off the year with SWE! We hope you had the opportunity to attend some of these events and look forward to seeing you all at upcoming events!


Women CEOs

Its obvious when walking into an engineering class that women are the minority.  This doesn’t change when working in industry or even climbing the “corporate ladder”.  However, as of 2017, there are a record number of women CEOs of Fortune 500 companies, totaling at 32.  This means less than 7% of the United States’ biggest companies, ranking by revenue, are women.  The highest ranked company is General Motors at number eight led by Mary Barra.  Barra obtained a degree in Electrical Engineering from Kettering University and a Masters in Business from Stanford University.

Others on the list include:

  • IBM CEO and Computer Science and Electrical Engineer Ginni Rometty
  • PG&E CEO and Industrial Engineer Geisha Williams
  • Occidental Petroleum CEO and Mineral Engineer Vicki Hollub
  • Sempra Energy CEO and Civil Engineer Debra Reed
  • CMS Energy CEO and Purdue Industrial Engineer Patti Poppe
  • Graybar Electric CEO and Telecommunications Engineer Kathy Mazzarella
  • Avon Products CEO and Chemical Engineer Sheri McCoy
  • and CH2M Hill CEO and Environmental Engineer Jacqueline Hinman.

A full list of Fortune 500 women CEOs can be found using this link.  These women have broken barriers and paved the way for both men and women on their way up and show promise of a change for the future of business and engineering.

I hope these women and your fellow SWEople (SWE people!) help motivate you to start the semester off strong!

-Stephanie Godoshian

Meet the Board: Leann Demorest

Screen Shot 2017-08-24 at 1.24.47 PMAs the new school year begins I would like to take a moment and introduce to you our new president for SWE. Leann is a senior in Chemical Engineering and is super excited to share her passion for SWE with all of you!

Why did you choose Purdue?

I decided to come to Purdue after attending Senior Sleepover. During that weekend, I fell in love with Purdue, and I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else. I also wasn’t sure about what engineering discipline I wanted to study, so First Year Engineering was a big draw!

How did you learn about PSWE?

I learned about PSWE when I came for Senior Sleepover. Once I got to campus, I went to the SWE callouts, signed up to be an office assistant, and got as involved as possible. I haven’t looked back since!

What is your favorite color?

My favorite color is teal! I have so many teal-colored things…

Do you have any hobbies?

I’ve been trying to learn how to sew for a while because I think it would be cool to make my own clothes. I’m also training for the Purdue Half Marathon in my spare time. Oh, and I love to read while drinking good coffee!

What is your favorite restaurant here on campus?

It’s not really on campus, but Monical’s Pizza! Pizza is my favorite food, and this is by far my all-time favorite pizza place. As for actually on campus, I really like Vienna and Greyhouse for coffee!

Have a great week!

-Audrey Conrad